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      Boys and Girls, check out my first demo reel and let me know what you think. I have never done one of these before so input is vital.

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      Mike Wilhelm

      In order to give good feedback, we'll need to know what the goal of the demo is. Are you trying to gain new clients for a business or get a job working for a production company? If the latter, what skill are you trying to highlight?

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      You also have footage with people speaking but your music doesn't allow the voices to be heard,

      Watch some ads, notice that dialogue is an important part of advertising. You seem to shoot well, but you dont show any audio skiils when you just lay in a music track consitantly under each scene with no music change when the sceen changes. why not change the sound, add in some voices re upload this video. 

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      I am trying to gain new clients.

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      I'm neither a "boy" nor a "girl" but I guess it's o.k. for me to critique your reel nevertheless.


      On the plus side, you have good strong images, mostly well lit and well shot.


      You say you want to "gain new clients." Lets think a little about "new clients." People come to your web site because they are looking for something: a musician who wants to make an MTV; a book shop owner who wants to promote her shop; a printer who wants people to know about his business. When they get to your web site they want to click on a link and have the necessary information pop up, an answer to their question "can you make a book shop promo for me?" for example. I read recently that the average linger time on a site is about 30 seconds. If viewers haven't seen what they're looking for in that time they're off to another site.


      With this in mind, from what I've seen the most successful reel is one that speaks directly to what the potential client is looking for. I'm looking for a wedding videographer.  I open your site and see a link called "Weddings," to which is attached a short video of your work as a wedding videographer. Everything about that 30 to 60 second clip makes me want to hire you to videotape my wedding. And as a bonus, you have another link that's a full 5 minute clip of your best wedding ever. And you tell me, right up front, that one links is 30-60 sec. and the other a full 5 minutes; I get to choose.


      But what I don't want to do — what I absolutely won't do, in fact — is sit through a video that begins with people in hazmat suits on a construction site, then cuts to white collar marketers or salespeople, then cuts to manufacturing, etc. Hey, I'm looking to get my wedding video taped!


      So I think that while you have some good content, the reel is probably not optimized to sell your services. My advice would be to separate each of the 11 categories on your reel; expand them so they really show what you can do for clients in each category, and link them to your home page.


      Just as an example, take the color correction section. If your home page indicated that your could transfer old film, or perhaps VHS tapes to a digital format and then enhance the color, using the color correction clip to illustrate, you've dangled a carrot in front of a potential customer, perhaps someone who never even thought of transferring those old VHS tapes to DVD.


      You're off to a great start. Keep working at it, and good luck.





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      Cool and thank you for sharing and allowing us to comment. You no doubt have talent so maybe these tips can help to showcase your talent and get your potential clients attention!

      1) Make it 1 minute max….

      2) Short video examples with titles of the type of work you can do…commercials, how-to-videos, weddings, documentaries, music videos other services that you want your audience to know that you offer.

      3) incorporate audio from the clip examples along with some lighter background music…fade in/out and get the mix between the two.

      4) Don't use any transition effects…this will allow the eye to look at your content and not the cool wipe.Therefore use cuts as it will help you to get to the next message as quickly as possible. Also see if you can time your transitions to the music it will help flow and keep your interest.

      5) consider a tag line for your company name. "Full Video Production Services" or something that describes your offerings.

      6) The current example makes it seem like you are a one person operation…I don't see any examples of multi-camera shooting….so you might see if you can incorporate a shot or two of your team or you in action! Maybe at the end….people and companies indenfify better when you put faces to a name and especially indentifying with a company that has more than one person. It will help bring your professionalism to the next level.


      Good luck!



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      Thanks Chuck, this is my first demo so your input is helpful.

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