Finally Got My VHS Tapes to DVD/laptop

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      I purchased a Honestech VHS to DVD Deluxe 5.0 Capture Device. I was able to capture my VHS tapes to DVD and laptop immediately with no problems. It did take a bit of time to learn how to edit, once I had them on my laptop.

      The best part is I was able to get online support from the Honestech website–believe me when I say their techs were very very patient. I am female, 73, and really not Internet savvy. I did find I had to look at the diagrams in the online manual to study up on the terminology. Yes, you need to know if you are pointing to the Clip Panel, Preview Panel, Clipboard, Storyboard when describing where you are having problems.


      Lucy (me): I open the video I captured and dragged it to the right.

      Tech: I don't know what you are talking about.

      Lucy: Oh, I dragged it to the left, not the right.

      Tech: You have to be more clear

      Lucy: da da da da da

      The tech is finally beginning to understand what I am trying to do.

      Tech: You drag….. and play video, …..

      Lucy: Well I did that and when I da da da…

      Tech: Are you done talking? I can't tell you how to… until you are done talking.

      Lucy: da da da da da da

      Tech: Are you done?

      Lucy: Yes.

      Tech: You …….

      After this went on a few minutes I realized I wasn't talking to my little brother who is usually my Go To Guy for computer problems. He works on computers for large companies for a living but expects me to do as much on my own as I can before calling him with my troubles. He will kick in with his expertise when I come to a total halt. Why, is he so mean? Probably because he is also the Go To Guy for his many old lady siblings, a brother, their families and friends, his family and friends, and a life.

      OMG, I can't believe the tech didn't just hang up on me! I had to tell him I felt like I had been talking to my brother. He pretty much has to stop me more than a few times to tell me to STOP talking and LISTEN.

      I had purchased a Pinnacle VHS to DVD capture device previously, but was unable to capture the sound along with the video. I tried their online support and community groups, but was unable to get any meaningful help. So a big KUDO to Honestech for great customer support! Also, Best Buy, where I purchased my devices, provided some really good customer support.

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