Final Cut Pro X vs Sony Vegas Movie Studio

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      I just switched to the imac 27 with all bells and whistles from a PC.  I am a sophisticated user of Sony Movie Studio and enjoy its editing features.  I have been successfully using it on my mac using Parallels.

      However, it is difficult to import from my camera and I don't get full advantage of my hardware.

      I am considering buying Final Cut Pro X

      I am hoping someone can answer some questions.

      Is Final Cut Pro as good or better?
      Is the learning curve steep for someone who knows all the ins and outs of the Sony product?
      Are there definite advantages — particular features on FCP that I will appreciate?
      Are there things that I will definitely miss? Are there frustrating features?

      Any other thoughts or suggestions.  If I stay with Parallells and the sony movie studio, any suggestions?


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      I am a certified Sony Vegas Pro Editor, I recently upgraded to Vegas Pro 12 for my Dell Desktop. I also purchased Final Cut Pro X for my MacBook Pro. I ran Parallells on the MacBook Pro, I decided to remove it and focused on using Mac products with the Mac. Final Cut Pro X is easy to use, it has a quick learning curve, there are great plug-ins avaliable and I've decided to continue to use it. Sony Vegas Pro was great, but it just kept crashing. Go for the Final Cut Pro X!  Also invest in or 

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      I am a Final Cut user. I am not adavanced and i don't know any of the Sony products, but i can share my experience with FCP X.


      I have been using it for 3 months, and after one month i was already able to use it quickly. The learning curve was pretty quick indeed. Of course i went through some tutorials…. 


      One thing to remind: if you buy FCP X it's worth buying also Compressor, as the exporting features of FC are limitated and with Compressor you have more possibilities. Furtehrmore, it's all integrated in FC so once you set your settings in Compressor you can access them directly from the export window of Final Cut.


      Just my experience, hope it helps



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