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Final Cut Pro is so slow

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    I’m currently working on a video project in FCPX and when I hit playback, it’s really laggy and skips over footage, like it can’t keep up. In the timeline, where the timecodes are on top, there are these tiny white dots along the top of the timeline. Whenever the cursor plays footage with the white dots on top it’s slow. I guess I can’t show anyone, but I hope someone knows what I am talking about.

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    First what kind of footage is it? What computer are you editing on? Are you using an external drive that’s fast enough for editing? Is your drive full or empty? All of these things can affect playback.

    The white dots are showing un-rendered footage in your project. That un-rendered footage will not playback smoothly. Always make sure that your project settings match your footage settings. Also, you can change the quality of your playback to allow for better playback, just make sure you change that when you change your playback settings back to the highest quality when you export it.

    Greg Ball, President
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    The tiny dots are the parts that is being rendered

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