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      I really need some help as I am running out of time to finnish this video. What happened is, I am an 8th grader at my school and for my EAST Initiative class I was chosen to film my schools play. On the first day, due to technical difficulties I was only able to film from one angle the next day I filmed from 3 angles but then one camera ended up malfunctioning and so now I have one angle from the first day and 2 angles from the second day. However everything seems to go faster on the second day i filmed to everything is off by about 3 seconds is some areas and off by 8 seconds in others and sometimes it is perfectly in sync . What should I do to fix this. I know that there must be a way because I have noticed that when I watch let's say comedy shows with multi angles I can see that when they switch angles the person is wearing different clothes because they filmed on two separate occasions. How do they do this because i dont think that the comedian is talking at the exact same speed every time. Please someone take the time to help me I would appreciate it so much!!! Whoever helps I will give credit to in the video if you want me to
      Thanks, Trevor
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      trevorc, I'm sure there will be a number of people who will give some help on your porject. I think it would be helpful if you could tell us the type of software that you are using to edit and produce the final project. There are multiple ways to sync all of your multicamera shots but it may be specific to the brand/type of software you are using.

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      I'm not sure what the problem is. The only time you have to sync up footage from different cameras is if you're shooting a live event. Since you're shooting a play, you needn't worry about that. There's no reason that I can foresee for the need to sync up your shots unless you're doing something different like in the film "Time Code" (I think that is the name of the film if memory serves correctly) where they showed four different camera shots at once and it was all done in one take. Usually you edit different camera angles together (often different takes from that same camera are used, hence the continuity problems) without regard to their overall timing since you're essentially syncing up the edit points only. If you start out with camera angle 1 and you want the shot to last twenty seconds and you want to cut in camera angle 2 but the actors line lasts five seconds longer, you cut out the first twenty five seconds of that shot and place the footage right after camera angle 1's. You may have some continuity problems, but if the actors hit their marks and said their lines correctly, they should be minimal. Of course if your school doesn't have a computer with a non-linear editor and you're using old school (no pun intended) equipment, then I don't know how to help you. I have no experience there. Hope this was of some help.

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