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      Hi to all, not to much activity here, but I will present myself anyway.

      I am freelance traveling filmmaker/videographer and outsourcing video editor. Let me know if you have any video production projects that i may help you with.

      Watch my demo reel:

      Let me know what do you think.


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      Hey Alex Great Demo Reel Btw, I had a question hopefully u have the experience to help me out.
      So I will start a project with a friend he asked me to film 10 videos for him every video will be 1-2 hours long and I will need to edit each one effects and such they will be videos of a model Working out for a new gym company my friend is starting but I don’t know how to charge for This can u help me out thanks.

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      Cesar, there are two parts to an answer. Part one is determining the scope of the project. Based on my experience, 10 two hour videos will require 30-45 hours to shoot. You’ll have to set up lights and deal with numerous retakes for each two hour segment. Editing will take another 40-60 hours — 2-3 hours for each hour shot, more if there’s voice-over work. So you’re probably going to spend between 70 and 100 hours on this project.

      Part two: what do you think you’re worth? I would charge by the hour rather than by the job, with a half day or full day rate, or with a 4 hour minimum and an hourly rate after that. If you’re just starting out in the business a rate of $50 an hour might be adequate. If you’re doing this as a kind of hobby, take less, but remember that this is a profession and don’t give away your talents. You’re going to be doing a great deal of work and you deserve to pay yourself a lot more than you would get working for tips as a waiter.

      An established videographer in my market area might charge $125 an hour or more for the shooting, depending on how much lighting and sound prep was required, $80-100 an hour for editing. $400-600 for a half day shooting, $900-1200 for a full day.

      Be sure to include your out-of-pocket costs when calculating your charges: gas, meals, insurance if required, etc.

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      I’m new here and a novice. I’m amazed at how much you can potentially make shooting / editing video for customers. I basically have to do stuff for free where I live because the competition is so great. I was doing some glide cam work using a Canon 5D Mark III shooting RAW Video using Magic Lantern. Then working in linear space in NUKE (with the desired LUT) for adding some Visual FX and the final composite was edited in FCPX. Simple really, just had to create a sun, with volumetric lighting and mist. The footage was 3D Tracked so all the elements would be perceived as if they were really there… like walking through the mist … not just flat and fake looking. I charged 3 dollars and hour, but they didn’t even pay after I handed them the footage. I have my own equipment which includes a Nikon D500, Canon 5D M3, RED Scarlet, Underwater Ikelite Rig with a 7DM2 (love this camera), GH4… various lenses from Canons to Zeiss Cine Lenses. I don’t get payed squat but then again I’m a novice and learning, and the customers are still demanding professional results.

      Here’s a very short low res sample shot with the 5D M3. Low Res compressed… doesn’t look good.

      [video src="" /]

Viewing 3 reply threads
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