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      Whats up Video maker!

      So I am fairly new to recording my self and cameras in general. I am having a problem with the lighting me camera give me depending on which shirt I wear. So for example I were a dark blue shirt in one video and my lighting is kinda pale, but in my next video I wore a light baby blue shirt and the lighting kept switching back and forth on my camera. I had a reddish tint at the beginning of my video and my camera kept switching between normal and the reddish ting throughout the whole video! I would post pictures but it seems video maker doesn’t allow that. I don’t know what this feature is called but if someone could tell me so I could disable it on my camera, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for all that take the time to help me!


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      :You could post pictures on Dropbox or YouTube, with a link here.

      What you’re describing is difficult to visualize but it sounds like a camera problem rather than something you can disable. Only after seeing pictures of the problem will we be able to make an informed suggestion, however.

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      I’m wondering if you white balanced the camera before filming each time. Also, the color shift issue I’ve seen when recording under florescent lighting as opposed to incandescent or color-correct lights. It’s horrible and impossible to correct. What lighting are you using?

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