Filming A Wedding, Need Advice!

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      Hi so I will more then likely be filming a wedding this August. Should I invest in a ZOOMh4n or some XLR audio recorder to get a feed directly from the DJ  for sound? As well I know most use XLR should I bring an XLR splitter with me if I go? and should I bring an XLR cable? or would it more likely a 3.5mm jack over XLR that they would use?  So many questions about this. As well I have a shotgun mic will this work for the wedding? this is my first time shooting a wedding any suggestions for Wedding videography? I know to capture the important stuff like the kiss and what not but im just a little worried about stuff specfially where do you film from. Is it acceptable to be infront of the bridge and groom when they walk down the isle shooting video? or should I do that else where? also when they do their vows where should I be shooting from? 

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      Hi Wes – I think Griffin Hammond's video from last year when he was working at IndyMogul will answer most of your questions:



      If you need a more comprehensive treatment of the subject, you might want to invest in a book such as "Wedding Videography: Start to Finish" that you can refer to as you build your wedding business, 


      One thing – the older H4N has noisy preamps and is currently being replaced by the brand new $270 Zoom H5.  If you get an external recorder, that's the one you should go for.  Great B&H review of this recorder here:





      Hope this is helpful and good luck!



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      There may be no such factor as mic-level recording. Almost everything needs to be brought up to line-level to be recorded effectively. This really is wherever pre-amps come in. The work of the pre-amp is to increase the mic-level transmission to line-level for recording. A pre-amp is created to get mic-level signals, so if you feed it a line-level signal (i.e. a much stronger voltage level) you can trigger massive distortion and even harm the circuits. So the signal has to be padded before it gets into the pre-amp. The inline pad clip or barrel you linked would help.. Make all the things simple, don't complicate them. You can use a DSLR camera and also keep a good external microphone on your camera and other cameras internal mic’s just need to pick up enough sound to make it easier to synch the different video sources. You can also search on google for wedding videos.

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      Thanks guys.  I ended up getting a tascam dr 40. Unfortuatly it wasn't here in time for the wedding but the video overall still looked great just had to be dubbed over with a song. The audio in the church sucked to say the least as it didnt have a sound system so it just echoed.

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