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      Anyone have suggestions for good video programs at undergraduate/graduate level? This is as much about the knowledge as about the degree ( I work for College/Seminary so having a degree does mean something) I have gone thru VideoMaker's videos and courses and they have taught me a lot, however its the hands-on or one-on-one approach that I am looking for. My area would be Atlanta, Georgia. Online would be okay too.

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      Check with SCAD. There is also Full Sail University, they are in Florida and offer online degrees. These are the 2 that come to mind, but I would just search online. Those 2 are pricey.

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      An alternative to a university or community college which I would urge you to consider is an "apprenticeship" with a working videographer, someone who has been in the business for a while and can give you hands-on experience and critique. Obviously if you're looking for theory, formal academic instruction makes sense. And some academic programs may have a rigorous practical component, although as a member of a class of 15 – 20 you can't hope for much one-on-one critique.  But in my experience if you want to learn the nuts and bolts of video production you'll do better in the field than in the classroom.

      My own training was in closed circuit television production at a large mid-Western university. The studio was on the air live 12-15 hours a day and each crew's work was rigorously critiqued at the end of their two-hour shift. It was here that I learned the craft of production. Looking back on the experience I can't recall reading a single book on the subject during the two years I worked there; that would come later.  My wife and youngest son both went through two-year community college video production programs which in addition to production required classes in English, history, playreading, etc., pretty standard for academia. Both felt that the video apprenticeships they served during their college experience was where they learned production and began to understand the art and craft of our profession.

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      That kind of education would be great actually

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      Shawn ZeilengaShawn Zeilenga

      Getting into that real world atmosphere does wonders of your career does wonders

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