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      I transfer Films, Photos, Slides and Videotapes into digital formats as videos and video slideshows. In most cases I create DVD (SD format) for distribution to customers and copies for their families.

      Sooner or later streaming via internet (Youtube, Vimeo etc) will become more popular with, less expensive and easier to access for customers.

      I was wondering if anyone has set this up for customers? This would entail setting up a personal account for a customer, uploading their videos and turning the account over to them so they can share with their family and friends.

      I assume most video editors/producers have their own channels for distribution.

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      Yes I have set up YouTube accounts for clients which involve creating their Google+ page first then their YouTube channel. Once that is done it becomes relatively easy to configure for streaming using hangouts.

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      Kevin Mc

      I just upload client videos to my YouTube account, setting the video as Private – so only those with the link can view it. Clients can post the link to FB, or email it to friends and family. This requires a lot less work for the same results…

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      We deliver work in almost any digital format asked for, via Dropbox or on a hard drive or flash drive. I have avoided all requests to create social media accounts for clients; there’s just too much hassle and overhead to get involved with someone’s computer and Google+, Vimeo and YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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