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      Hello from beautiful Mauritius paradise Island πŸ™‚

      I am new here, so forgive me if this topic has been dealt with before.

      I need some info about rendering video in Premiere Pro CS6 in H.264 format please.

      Its a 56 minutes dance video show I am making to be broadcasted for the local TV Channel.

      I have been recording several dance shows and been editing each separately and rendering them in 29.97 fps HD 1080 in H.264 format.

      My Target Bitrate setting is around 25 (Max 60) and render output is about 650 MB for a 3 minutes video.

      I plan to stick all these videos together to make a 56 minutes show render in H.264 to give to the local MBC channel.

      + I want to make a DVD video out of it.

      What I want to know? :

      1. What final size should be my final 56 minutes video? For a Good HD output quality.

      2. Is my worflow ok? ( it’s the first time I am doing this )

      3. How to get the best output quality with a not so BIG video file size. ( around 3GB is ok?)

      4. Usually what is the file size per minute video for a high quality HD 1080 29.97fps ?

      5. What are the things I should know from the local TV so that I can match my output setting to theirs? ( I know they do not broadcast in HD, I plan to air my show on their digital platform channel)

      6. Any other things I should know to get a good quality when I burn a DVD video from the final output video?

      …Yeah I know that’s quite a lot of questions, but would be grateful if somebody out there have some time to help out!

      Best regards


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      Hi Kenjee,
      Most of these questions should probably be directed to the local tv station that will be showing your stuff. But…
      1. It’s not the size you need to worry about, it’s the bit rate. I do a lot of work for Yelp, and they require 15 mb/sec. Now, that’s a little low for my taste, but it will still give you a solid image.
      2. Based on what I understand from your post, it seems like your workflow is fine. 25 mb/sec should really be just fine. Of course when you go to put on DVD, it will get compressed, more than likely. But I always let the computer do that work for me when I go to author the disc.
      3. A DVD can hold 4.6 GB. So 3 GB will fit. But again, check with the tv station to see what they prefer. Also, do your math. 8 bits equals 1 byte. So 25 mb/sec comes out to about 3 (and some change) MB/sec. So at 25 mb/sec, you’re looking at around 16 minutes of video only. So, you’ll need to keep that in mind. A DVD will usually only play at around 8 mb/sec.
      4. See calculations above.
      5. Check with the tv station.

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      First off I would talk to the station, see what the require. They may want you to give them the video in a codec other than H.264 or they may want both an HD AND SD . The one concern I have is your export of each individual show. Sure H.264 is nice, but it is an extremely compressed file format and every time you incorporate it into a new render, you are losing more information.

      Also, DVD is standard-Definition.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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