Figure Skating On-Site DVD Setups

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      For starters I’d just like to mention that I am new to the video world as I have been strictly a photographer for sporting events.

      With that said, I have run into quite the situation. Each year I cover 2 figure skating events and one of those event board directors asked me to offer on-site DVD’s for each competition. My first response was “that isn’t what I do” and they kept asking. So finally I told them I would look for someone or look into it myself.

      Fast forward a little bit: No one in my area (that I can find through any resources) can help with this event. It’s quite surprises but everyone wanted to shoot with a DSLR and well, I’m afraid of the rolling shutter issues.

      What they are looking for is the ability to shoot the skaters performance and then offer a copy of their DVD on-site shortly after the performance.

      Here was my thought process and I would love additional input and feedback.

      Canon VIXIA HF G30 on a manfrotto tripod and fluid head to capture the performances. The performance will be recorded to a SDHC card (8GB or 16GB). I will have 5-6 SD cards with the camera.

      The performance will be recorded in AVCHD. (This is where I am really debating on what to do. AVCHD or MP4)

      Once the performance is complete (2-5 minute performance length) the camera operator will swap out cards. The card with the last performance will then go into a DVD recorder and the performance will be recorded on (2) DVDs. One of those DVD’s will be for backup sake and the other is for a potential client.

      Once a group is done, a runner will take all of the DVD’s (usually no more than 5 competitors per group) to the sales table for purchase.

      Can anyone give me some advice on this setup? It would honestly be amazing to shoot straight to a server and have clients purchase and access code for their performance but I just don’t see that being feasible right now.

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      this is very similar to the hockey tournaments that we shoot. we have a camera located in the center that follows the game. that camera is connected directly to a DVD recorder. after the game, we finalize the dvd and give it to the "sales desk" they have a 10 disk dvd dupplicator that they use to make the appropriate number of copies require by the team and/or parents.


      this has worked well for us the past 5 years.


      hope that helps you.


      Good luck,


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      If online delivery is your goal, check out Mediazilla, a relatively new service that is designed for videographers – 


      Read their FAQ and maybe that's what will work for you.

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      @HybridAWD – My company makes an instant replay system for sports.  We work with a number of US and international olympic teams. Figure skating is a sport we are interested in exploring.


      I would be very interested in speaking with you about what you're doing.  Send me a DM here or through our web site.







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