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      Gday folks! Long time listener, first time caller here…


      We are a small outfit in Western Australia that films local fight shows and broadcasts them on local TV. The same videos also make it to web too.


      Now, we are looking to purchase a pair of groovy new cams to make our lives a little easier, as up until now, we have been shooting on DSLR's. Not ideal as we have no auto-focus and the cameras are heavy and cumbersome.


      Our budget isn't huge (it just doesn't warrant it) so we're looking at approx $1500 – $2000 per cam.

      The camera that stands out at the moment is the Sony HXR-NX30. It seems to tick some boxes for us including timecode sync, low light is OK and awesome stabalisation.

      What im hoping to find out is what you guys think would be a good cam for our purposes?

      Our budget can't be stretched… (i was lucky to get that budget).

      Thanks in advance! -Mk

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