Feedback needed please on new Music Video shot with a Canon EOS 650D

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      Hello all, Im a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland.
      If you have a moment for new music please check out my latest music video shot using a Canon EOS 650D.
      All feedback welcome : )
      Broken World (Official Video)
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      This is one of the first music videos we've done. Our client wanted a lot of different elements of color in it, which is why it's saturated in it. (Not my preference, but the client is the one we needed to make happy). Everyone who produces music videos does it differently. I'd say for future videos, try to be more creative. Having the band just performing on stage is good for about a minute of the final product. Have them go other places. Set up a scene or senario.


      But I'd say the camera work is pretty good. Just look at some more creative shots, more creative placement of your scenes, and work on more locations. In our vidoes, we like at least three different locations for our musicians to be recorded at, if not more. For this video, we literally went to 10 different places to shoot. Variety is key to making sure the viewer isn't bored.


      Overall, I liked it. Just keep in mind what I said above.

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