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      Hey guys.

      I would like some feedback for this video i created. I would spcifically like to know weather the message and the explanation of the concept is clear and understandable – but still all kinds of critique is more than welcome. 

      Please note that the sound isn't final and will be remade. 

      Thank you in advance.

       – Mikkel Petersen

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      If this video is an explanation to use the site then fine.  If this video is as recruitment for owners of classic cars…then I think the message could be shorter and a little more quick.  Although if your target audience is older and are not as tech savy, they may enjoy the slower pace of the video.  I am sure that the pace did not feel slow to you, but it seems to me the world we live in our brains are now so short wired for the easy quick key words we are wanting and a lot of the other will be ignored.  

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      Thank you for your words.

      You definitely have some good and useful points. 

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      nice graphics, the commentary was easy to understand.  it did tell me what i wanted to know (i didn't have any real questions after watching it about how it works)  but i agree with extreme stunts that the pace was a bit slow.  i'd just take the audio track into audition and cut the space between every one of the sentences so the next sentence starts on top of the last one, and then cut the video to that new audio.  i might even consider increasing the speed of the audio (not the pitch but just the speed) so it gets done quicker.  the sound effects were nice though and kept it interesting.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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