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      I’m Arik Diamant from, the video marketplace. I’m posting to ask for feedback on a new product we’ve been working on- Framez.

      Framez is an online platform for managing video projects. Targeting freelance video editors and producers, its goal is to make video professionals' life easier and help them focus on creativity rather than on administration.


      We are in the early stages of the product development, and are eager to get some editor feedback on the work done so far. This is what can be done with the platform:


      • Create a project in a private page with the editor’s name and branding.
      • Upload videos to the project workspace.
      • Invite customers to the project, chat with them and allow them to annotate videos. It’s possible to invite many collaborators to work on the project.
      • Optionally- define project milestones, and get paid through PayPal as you cross them.

      What do you guys think? Can you see the benefit of running your projects through such a platform? What would be a “killer-feature” for you?

      The input we get can really help us create a great tool; your comments, good and bad are very much appreciated!

      I’ll also be uploading some sneak previews of the platform and ask for your feedback on them.

      Thanks for your help!


      PS- Editors interested in getting early access to this platform as beta users- drop me a note at

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