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      I hope this is the correct area. I have done some searching and was not able to find a similar issue based on the search terms I used. I have rounded up the FPS to avoid having to write out decimal values.

      I am working on a post production process in FCP 7. I have assists from my Canon A20 and my new Zoom Q2N cameras. First let me say, I thought I set my canon to shoot in 24fps cinema format (MP4) prior to the shoot. Apparently, I only 1/2 set it as it did create MP4 files rather than AVCHD. My Zoom Q2N cameras shoot 24 FPS.

      No comes post production. And FCP requires a re-rendering each an every time I touch/shift/change one of the three assets and the rendering process can take hours. This is very annoying. I have searched google and found that the best way to resolve this may be to use compressor on the 24 fps (zoom) files and bring them up to 30fps. I did this, but, (there is always a but), the file balooned in size from 2.6 Gb to approximately 25 Gb. I just threw it away. I can’t believe that it should have balooned in size so much. Maybe it was my settings in compressor? Maybe this is normal?

      I could really use some mentoring in this area. If you need more details, I can supply them.

      Thank you for the help.


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