Faster ways to ingest footage?

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      Does anybody have any suggestions on faster ways to ingest footage? we recently did a shoot with two Canon DSLR'sand four GoPros and ingested all of the footage took nearly 8 hours is anybody tried any of the USB 3 card readers or does anybody have any better suggestions



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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      I don't think using USB 3 will help much. While it is capable of 4gbps transfer speeds, a class 10 SD card is only capable of 10MB/sec. USB 2 can already transfer over 3x as fast as SD class 10. Unfortunately you're limited to the speed of the card. πŸ™

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      Wow,  that sure is a long time to ingest.  I'm really curious…how much total-time footage are we talking about here?



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      Another question, did you ingest multiple cards at once or one at a time. Although it may seem more smart to ingest multiple cards at once, its actually counter productive. You end up making your computer work harder and it slows down the entire process. 

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      I occasionally shoot video on a T1i and a full Class 4 16GB card takes about two hours to ingest. πŸ™


      I think your transfer times are normal.

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      If you're trying to get the cards offloaded and sent back into the field quickly, I think you might be stuck.


      But if you're just trying to get into editing faster, you may try Final Cut Pro X, which lets you start making edits while your video is still being ingested. I've used this for CF, SD and P2 media.


      Hope this helps,


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      Two hours from a full Class 4 16GB card? That's insane. I shoot HD video with a JVC HM-750 to a 32 GB. class 10 card (Transcend) and it takes me less than 30 min. to transfer a full card with a basic USB 2 card reader.



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      Here is a bit more background info, it's a  industrial video in a industrial process kitchen for major take away chains,  the client wants to show how time effective their process is so 4 GoPro's doing 4000x3000px Timelapse @ 2.5 sec were placed in different parts of the plant with the DSLR's geting the actions shots and cut aways,  Total data generated 150 GB

      We over a few days I tried a few different ways, In the end the Cheep USB2 card reader ($20) worked better than the $60 inbuilt drive bay reader or direct via USB

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