Fascinating (VR?) camera seen in Barcelona . . .

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      I was in Barcelona a few days ago on vacation shooting fishing boats and similar craft.  All my life I've had a romantic love affair with the work-a-day "blue collar" vessels like cargo ships fishing boats, barges, tugboats, etc, instead of more glamorous yachts and cruise ships.    And I stumbled upon some guys working on something that looked like a movie camera with too many lenses.

      I got off one shot before some of them saw me and demanded I delete the photo, which I did but then un-deleted it later.    I believe they're with Unit Nine in the UK.  It looks like a prototype VR camera based on an array of Red Dragon 6K's.    If so this is a very exciting development because VR is becoming hot and a new medium for documentary filmmaking.  (check out VSRE's NY-Times-produced "Walking New York").  But most of the current VR cameras are arrays of prosumer devices like GoPro's.    Red Dragon 6K's would definitely up the cinematic ante for VR.

      (I noticed that I can't seem to post an image to Videomaker forum postings, just HTML links.  Is there anyplace an I can post my photo of this beast?)

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      I use photo bucket to upload images.

      Posting it may not be a good idea if they wanted you to delete it

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