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      Hello everyone.

      I am a video editor and I need help with a project of mine. I'm doing some freelance work and I need to extract a video from a livestream. I know how to do it obviously, but since the livestream has a template on it while a person is speaking and the video of said person covers like 1/5 of the whole screen, so my question is, is there any way to 'cut' out the video of the person speaking and display it on full screen without losing too much of the quality?

      Thank you in advance.

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      I'm guessing, since it was streamed, that the video was not 4k, so placing it in a lower resolution video wouldn't do much good. You are better off just getting the original video. You could also take a little creative license and scale the video up just before the point degradation becomes very noticeable and frame the video with some sort of background. You will lose a little image quality but the picture will be slightly bigger and you can work with your client to fill in the empty space around the video. If the video stream is 1080p then you could also take it down to 720p and not lose too much quality.

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