External vehicle mounted camera with live feed to laptop

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      Good day,

      I am looking to equip one of the vehicles at our testing facility with an external video camera. The video camera will be mounted below the vehicle facing either downward or to the rear.

      The requirements of the video camera

      wide view angle

      high resolution

      usb port to connect to a laptop which is used inside the vehicle to control the testing equipment

      Be able to give high resolution pictures in low light and very bright conditions.

      fps comparable to that of a gopro.

      Rugged, weather resistant.


      Any information would be appreciated.

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    Hi Stefan – I'm pretty sure the only action camera similar to the GoPro that features live streaming is the $299 Sony AS100V.


    You will need to make sure that the camera is loaded with the free Sony firmware update announced a couple of months ago.  You can download the update at the bootom of the page here.


    Hope this is helpful and good luck!



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    @LouwStephan you should try the iON Air Pro 3. It comes equiped with Wi-Fi which can be viewed and controlled wirelessly with a mobile device. It also has a USB plug and HDMI out, features a 14MP Sony back-lit sensor, and is waterproof without a case.





  • Viewing 2 reply threads
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