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      I use a PC.  I have a client that uses Macs only. I am transferring his home videos to an external hard drive for him.  The hard drive is NTFS formatted.  I understand that he will not be able to write to that drive from his Mac, but that he should be able to read the files.  Is that correct?   

      I also undertsand that if I reformat the drive to FAT32 before I start using it, then he would be able to read as well as write to it with his Mac.   However, the FAT32 has a file size limit of 4GB, which we know is too little for big video files.

      So my question is this … With the NTFS hard drive will he be able to copy the files on that drive to his Mac-formatted hard drive?  In other words, I know he can READ it, but does that also mean he can copy/move the files to his mac formatted hard drive?

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      Buy a great program called MacDrive (it's only $50 and worth every penny!!) and you'll be able to give your client material on a drive that he can easily read from and write to.

      I use it regularly as I deal with folks in post houses who use FCP and I sue Sony Vegas.



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