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      Hello guys, thank you for helping .

      I’m working on a documentary about Iceland since 5 or 6 months on Sony Vegas Pro 13.

      Currently, this is my Project Properties:
      1920 * 1080
      Field order: None ( progressive scan)

      All the videos that I’m edit with are intermediate video file .AVI ( Cineform Film Scan 1).

      The file size are quit heavy but the picture quality are amazing in sony vegas pro.

      Last week, I did a trailer that I put on youtube, but I’m not totally satisfied of the quality on youtube.

      Could I ask to you which settings will be the best for me when I Render the videos for youtube ?



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      Are you rendering to mp4?
      A lot of folks on various Vegas forums are doing their master render to a high quality format such as MXF or XAVC and then uploading that to YouTube.
      The thinking being that YT is going to transcode it anyway so the better the source material you can upload, the better the YT version will look πŸ™‚


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      Take a look at the Sony editor’s forum. There have been lengthy discussions on this topic and several editors have contributed a great deal of information regarding the use of Handbrake for preparing video for posting on youtube. Use the search function for archived postings.

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      I agree with mike, sony vegas pro is what you are looking for. I’ve read that sony vegas pro is one of the best rendering software for YouTube because the settings of it is very compatible and YouTube will just alter the video automatically. Hope this will help. Just a support opinion for sony vegas pro.

      Maryann Farrugia CEO
      Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn2IzUy8h90gE4OMHiBy2Rg

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