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      Anyone have any experience Expanding into another market one hour away?


      -Joshua Knight

      syracuse video production

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      I'm guessing you have some time on your hands? If it were me I would just start feel out the market and see what happens remember you can say no if you get a job that will cost you more than it is worth. I would pass out my cards shake some hands at local places and introduce myself at the chamber let them know what I have to offer. Plan your stops and make it a half day trip and see what happens. If you start getting good jobs great time well spent, if not you know to pursue other options.


      I have a similar situation I haven't expanded into the two bigger cities that are about an hour away from me, but I have enough on my plate with advertising in my town, building my website, doing the jobs I do get, and planning where to go next.


      Best of luck,


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      Yeah, I started a year ago, and this marker I am in is okay, I am sitting on about $10,000 in contracts right now, and I should find more. I am ranked third for my local market keywords and at the end of the month I should rank 1. A bigger city is an hour away and I could create a second version of my site with a different domain and build to rank 1 for that city too. Then I would I get the best of both cities google leads to pick from to go with my repeating and networking leads. 


      Also at the same time I looking to launch a second company called the TheConstruct selling motion graphics templates on Videohive, doing motion graphics work as a "studio", Colorist work too and compositing VFX for High level productions. The goal is to be able to higher someone to help run this market, someone to help run the bigger city an hour away, and 1-2 employees as the TheContract company takes off. I have a stragety for all three. 



      JKnight, http://www.knightmedia.us

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