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      Not sure if this is in the right forum or not…

      I’m trying to film a race using 3 cameras;
      1 that is out on the course
      1 in a commentators box
      1 in the event village start/finish

      I am using Xsplit Broadcaster to stream live to YouTube.

      1 – I have worked out that using the Xsplit Broadcaster I can screen capture the live Youtube footage from the DJI Stick – not ideal but it works.
      2 – I have an SJ4000 action cam that works for the commentator box (better than a standard webcam).

      3 – I’m stuck with how to cover the event village… for a couple of reasons. I can’t seem to find a camcorder that will feed/stream direct into Xsplit and the ones I can are connected via cable so I have a limitation in how far I can travel away from my laptop…

      What we are thinking of doing is erecting a platform above the laptop high enough so that somebody can be up there with a handycam and simply use the zoom function on the camera to cover the event village… this would then connect via a USB or ethernet cable to my laptop.

      **** So my question is – are there any camcorders or cameras out there that will have what I think of as an AV out that I can get Xsplit to receive? ****

Viewing 0 reply threads
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