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      hilgri ortiz

      Hola a todos, soy nueva en este foro y estoy tratando de hacer un video en premiere cs6 desde mi macBook Pro pero al tratar de importar los archivos HDCam desde la ventana por el navegador de medios me sale el “Error Message: Unsupported format or damaged file” alguien me puede decir a qué se debe ese error y cómo corregirlo? lo raro es que en el ordenador de un amigo sí se puede abrir, incluso en “content browser” tambien los puedo ver, pero editarlos ha sido imposible, ayuda por favor…….gracias!!!!

      Google’s translated original post from hilgri ortiz:
      Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and I’m trying to make a video [in] premiere cs6 from my MacBook Pro but when trying to import the HDCam files from the window for the media browser I get the “Error Message: Unsupported format or damaged file” Can someone tell me what caused this error and how to correct it? The strange thing is that if you can open it on [a friend’s] computer, you can see “content browser”, but it was impossible to edit them , please help ……. thanks !!!!

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      I have the same problem. Three video clips have become unlinked. When I try to relink to the original clips I get the following error message, “Error Message: Unsupported format or damaged file”

      I have changed the format and even opened a new project yet when I try to import the clips I get the same error message. help please in both English and Spanish.



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      If I understand you correctly, the video clip on the timeline shows RED, media not connected. If that is what you see, I’ve had the same problem with files from one camera. I’d reboot and sometimes the problem corrected but it would happen again intermittantly. I won’t tell you all the stuff I tried but I eventually got those files to work 100% of the time by rendering them out using Adobe Media Encoder in exactly the same format as input. It doesn’t make sense that it works, but it did for me. I’m using CS5 though. No hablo espanol.

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      Sad to say it didn’t work, i still got,”File format not supported”

      Someone else help please.


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