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      I have been recording trips on the road from my car. My new car is a Land Rover Discovery diesel and it vibrates more than my older car. I have mounted the HD videocam on industrial quality roof bars using a Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp and a 155 Double Ball Joint Head. The setup is very rigid but as the car creates vibrations I have tried to absorb vibration by using 15m pipe insulation over the roof bar. It does improve the recording- slightly. I have tried mounting the camera on the bonnet using a suction mount. the trouble is that the bonnet vibrates more than the bar fitting.  Strangely, there is less vibration when the car is driven in lower gear.


      Has anyone any ideas as to how to reduce the shaky foootage at source. I prefer shooting with the camera outside of the vehicle.

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      Hi ggeoff – to get smooth video from a rough ride, you will have to do what the helicopter guys do – use something like this £350 brushless 3-axis gimbal with motors and controller.


      You will, of course, have to adapt it from from handheld to a suspended car mount with something like this £114 ProAim camera gripper mount.


      Hope this is helpful!



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      you can use semi pro rig kits to shoot a moving car. i have car camera rig kits and accessories. if you are intrested then let me knoe. here are some of my rig shots

      car camera rig shot

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      You could try using the Comodo Orbit handheld, mechanically stabilzed, twin handled rig. I've seen some shots made from a jungle-bound jeep and from a gyro-copter, using this rig, and it produces pretty good results without the need or cost of going to full 3-axis electronic stabilization. See for more information and distributed in the US by MAC Group.

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      I too love to record while on trips but same here, the videos do not go perfect. In a moving car images will surely little bit vibrant. Thanks for asking for suggestions. I think you must concern a guy having much more idea on cameras and video making tools. Also it is possible to make your videos clear by using some software or tools.

      You may visit the above. Keep sharing.

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      You could try something like i use on my quadcopter.

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      Car suction mount absorb all vibration from the vehicle.  


      Go for car suction mount, it holds the camera securley and shoot incredibliy though moving car. Last month I bougt Filmcity car mount, it holds camera firmly. I bought this in order order to shoot stunts, some car action shoots and results which i got from this are really awesome. Purchased this from proaimshop.

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