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      I plan to shoot a documentary on early autoworkers during the great depression. I have been in the research phase and will soon be ready to shoot. Most of my video will be historical footage and interviews inside in a controlled 3 pt lighting environment. I work for a non-profit which will fund my project. I had planned on purchasing a Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder but i see a lot of people using DSLRs and running sound through an external recorder. Ive also seen arguments for and against shooting in 4k. My budget for equipment will probably be under a couple of thousand. Camera, lighting and possibly a recorder. I want it to be good enough quality to not only be viewed online but possibly on a big screen. I have Power Director 13 installed on my PC but realize I will probably need to upgrade or purchase a better pc and software for post production. Please let me know what equipment I should go with.

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