Enthusiastic and creative video editor wanted for series of music videos.

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This is the kind of project where we’re looking for someone to take our raw footage and run with it.

While recording a new big band album, multiple camera angles were captured. They’ve all been synced up in FCP.

We’re not looking for someone to simply add wipes and text to these. We want someone who has their own ideas. Use any footage and/or images you want (while respecting any copyrights) and create something you’re proud of.

Some of the tunes are wild and over-the-top, while others are straight-ahead.

An interesting element to this project is that there is an art component. For now, that just means that there are some graphics that you’re free to use.

This is an unpaid gig. At least at first. We kind of shooting in the dark and don’t know what to expect coming back to us. If the work is fantastic, there’s definitely room in the budget for this.