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      If you are someone who loves to produce short films, videos or adverts, this is definitely the competition you should be in!

      Zooppa is working with Ellen, and hosting a video competition open to all filmmakers to create shareable video that can net them prize money from a pool of $30,000!!

      The challenge is: to create an on-air promo, 25 seconds long, that celebrates Ellen and the positivity she sends out into the world. Highlight the special connection she shares with her fans, and why her show matters.

      Detailed information and rules are  listed on our brief page: http://zooppa.com/contests/celebrate-ellen/brief

      Zooppa hosts an ongoing list of video contests for big clients. You can also check us out at http://zooppa.com/contests.

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      Although this sounds intriguing, I can't help but get the feeling we're donating a lot of time and materials for nothing.  The Agreement states that everything submitted becomes the property of WAD.  So, even if they don't use your material for this contest, they own it and may use it for any other purpose…without compensating the author.

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      " The Agreement states that everything submitted becomes the property of WAD."


      Ed, I seem to recall that the same clause resides in the agreement one signs whem making a submission to Sundance . . .


      Rick Crampton

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      True.  However, there's a substantial difference between a nonprofit institution and a Burbank business…

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