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      I have a Sony FDR-AX100/B camcorder, a sony video player FMP-X!, and a Sony 4K tv, XRB65X850A.  I want to edit the video, download the edited video to either a external hard drive or the Media player, or a thumb drive and be able to play the edited version on the 4k tv,  I believe that the edited version needs to be rendered in XAVX-s in order for the $K TV to read it.  I have not found any one who has perfomed all of the above functions successfuly. There must be some way to accomplish this with some software.  Any help will be appreciated. thanks  sanford12

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      Try Sony Vegas Pro 13. It supports XAVC

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      No, I don't have FDR-AX100/B. It has a free trial so you can test it yourself…

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      Use Adobe Premiere. Works natively with all formats. 

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      Or you can transfer your videos other format then load them into your editor or whatever you want

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      Based on my experience, XAVC S as a new codec is not widely supported by NLEs and other media players. As whitemax suggest, you'd better change your XAVC S fles from Sony FDR-AX100/B to a common video format no matter for edting or playback.


      Here is a tutorial on editing Sony FDR-AX100/B XAVC S in FCP/Adobe Premiere Pro:



      Hope it can give you some hints.

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      I used FCP to edit XAVC S videos. However, I still need to encode XAVC S videos to ProRes before editing in FCP.

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      You can use UFUSoft Video Editor to edit xavc s files,it is an easy to use program for editing xavc s files.

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      thanks for the response.  Do you know if Sony Vegas renders the final producty in XAVC-s format?  Have you been able to use the FDR-AX100/B camcorder, edit the memory card on a computer using Sony Vegas and then play the edited product on the $K TV?  Please let me know.  You are the only answer that I have received so far.  Thanks and have a good weekend.

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      I tried to use Sony Vegas Pro 13 for natively edit the XAVC clips but this is a disaster for me… The output is blinking and flickering, and not just the preview but the rendered video as well.
      I think it may not be SVP13 but my PC configuration. It have pretty strong machine and do not have any issues with rendering other formats, but the I think the root cause of my XAVC problem may be the lack of a video card. I use an a video card built in my CPU.
      Do you think this is a valid reasoning?


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      Although Sony Vegas Pro 13 states that it can input/output XAVC and XAVC S files, based on our testing and users feedback, we find it’s not easy to edit XAVC S footage in Sony Vegas. If you want to import XAVC S files to Sony Vegas Pro 12/13 flawlessly, we recommend you to convert XAVCS to a more editable format for Sony Vegas Pro. To get the work done, you can take Brorsoft Video Converter, which is one of the best XAVC S converter tool for you.

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