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      Hello everybody,

      I just wanted to get some recomendation for editing workflow if it is possible. I have Adobe CC, filmconvert,  and I shoot with 5d mark ii, and I will be shooting with GH4 when atamos shogan comes up. I like to do color grading with speedgrade and apply filmconvert. 

      Some people say I should convert 5d footage to prores before editing as prores has more color space. I am not sure if I should do that. 

      Filmconvert is really nice but I am not sure when exactly to apply it. if use it after doing correction then it will change the look again. 

      Let's just see how you would edit if you had adobe CC, filmconvert. Of course it depends on what you want to achieve in the end. Please let me know how you would work if all you want to have is nicely graded video looks like film. I know there are tons of other eements to get that look but I am not talking about that now. Let's say you got nice high dinamic range, high bit rate with high color space, nicely lit,nicely composed high quality video you wanted to get. Then how you would edit it with the tools I have. Thanks in advance for your replies. 

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