Editing with Sequence Frames in your NLE?

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      Hallo everybody,

      when you have to send your clip to a Compositing sw (AE, Motion or Nuke…) and/or dedicated Grading sw as Da Vinci, the best practise is to work with sequence frames (as TGA, PNG, EXR…).

      I ask if could be a great idea to work also in your NLE software with sequence frames.

      I mean, if your footage needs to be processed in post (VFX, Compositing and Grading) as a sequence frames, it could be a good idea to work with sequence also in your NLE sw. We could be do this step AFTER the "rough cut".

      So, for example, you make a rough cut, than export clips as sequences frames (.Png, .TGA, EXR…) for VFX, compositing and Grading purposes, and than import again these sequences frames in your NLE sw, and edit the entire NLE project with sequences frames, instead a video clips.

      Or better is – at the of the VFX, , Compositing and grading process – to encode again these sequence as video format used in your NLE sw?


      Many thanks for a reply.


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