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      AvatarLe Chef

      Hello friends, this is my first post and it relates to my first project, which will seem very easy to most of you.

      I have a little Canon camera that has very good high def quality, both for video and sound. But I’d like to make videos of myself playing chromatic harmonica and add a touch of reverb and eq.

      This is how it looks and sounds now: I am here playing along with a little guitar audio I made on my Mac Photo Booth app. I can make it look a little better with hi def mode, but I want to load the file into a video editor and add reverb. Difficult?

      I guess I could play through an amplifier and add reverb there and record that, but I suspect that there is video software that includes sound editing capability.

      I have another question but will save it for another thread. Thank you very much.

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      Personally, I’d do audio in an audio editor – the reverb in video ones is a bit basic, if adjustable at all. Audacity is a nice free programme if you are feeling poor.

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      AvatarLe Chef

      Thank you Paul

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      Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, AppGeeker editor, those are great editing software. I personally have AppGeeker http://www.appgeeker.com, it has easy mode and full mode available and has everything you need.

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      Google is one of the best search engine we all use, searching is so easy with http://google.com online.

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