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      Hey guys, so this might be a silly question but I’m only beginning my journey with editing as a student, I have recorded sound on a shotgun and 2 lav mics for my short film and I’m wondering what’s the best way to edit sound from 3 sources, should I only ever use a single channel when assembling my short or is it okay to use multiple, and if so what’s the difference and what are things I should avoid doing when editing? Any advice for beginners would be appreciated πŸ™‚

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      It depends on what each microphone caught.  If the Shotgun Mic captured both of the people wearing the Lavs, then there is no point in using that audio, unless it captured other noises as well.  But if the Shotgun was used to capture other sounds, like an Audience or such, by all means put that on a lower track and if your Editing Program can, put it on 5.1 Audio.

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      Use the lavs if at all possible. The shotgun may have picked up room tone and reverb, neither of which is desirable.Also, matching the sound of the lavs to the shotgun or vise versa may not be possible. I have had pretty good luck with a wireless lav. Try to put them where nothing can touch them, they are really important.

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