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      About 10 years ago I used a product called Roxio to edit some video.  One of the features that I really liked was the ability to take edited video with a selected song and the software would magically combine the two.  It would do this either chronologically or mix the clips up to make a movie.  Even better, it would mix or cut clips to match the beat of the music.  It was an awesome feature but I haven't been able to find it on current versions.  Either I'm getting old or the software is not very user friendly to the average novice.  Sadly, I use Windows Movie Marker currently.  It does ok but there are so many features I am missing by not having good software.


      I realize this forum is way over my skill level but if anyone could steer me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.






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      I know what you mean, most of the software I looked at seems counter intuitive. Having a Mac limits my choices event further. Checked out Final Cut Pro a friend has, and it looks it will take a long while to get it down. Remember feeling the same way about Photoshop but after using it for a few years it feels very comfortable now. Maybe the right approach is to select a program that is reccomended here and an industry standard and take the time to really learn it. It may take a little more time and if it's worth doing, it's worth doing the right way. Hope that makes sense.





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      Sony has a variety of editing software options – from movie studio to Vegas Pro depending on what you are able to spend, and they're not bad either.


      Charles Meadows DOP


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      Hi Kevin


      Both the responses you got are on the nose.


      While I use Premiere Pro,  I did download one of the Sony Editors as a trial, as someone else here asked about editors but were on a budget.


      I believe it did offer to combine elements for you.  I tried that and I don't think I included enough as it came out very weird,


      Here is the link to the Sony web site that has their products side by side for comparison.






      You can download any and all for a free trial and see if they have what you want.



      Depending on your attitude toward editing and amount of time you have.  It can be fun to create your own from scratch.


      You just take your clips edit them to a certain length if you wish and put them on the timeline bar that has many tracks to include things.  You can also add effects to your clips to make them look better or just bizarre.


      I didn't know how to edit with premiere pro but I played with it, with occasional looks into the help section and I am not an expert but I know what I am doing.  I learn all software that way.


      So check out that link.  And do a google search as there are many video editors and they offer free trials.


      Good Luck and Have fun


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      Hey Kevin


      If you do find a new Editor, I would be curious what you picked,


      I like a story that has a happy ending



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      I like Sony Vegas (now its called Sony Movie Studio) and Premiere Elements.  


      I just had to download Premiere Elements for work the other week and it was surprisingly intuitive and powerful for the price.  I found it on amazon.com as a download for $20 less than they were selling it on adobe's site too.


      Hope that helps a bit!

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      Thanks it satisfies my curiousity and I am glad you found something that you feel good using and is at your price range,


      I have Adobe Creative Cloud withe Prmiere Pro and more things than I need.  But I am  involved in education and got a price of 19.99 a month.  If it is the same when I renew I can afford to keep it.


      Enjoy your software and hope you have some fun



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