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      I know Windows Movie Maker, that's it.  I know if footage and sound was clean, some good/artistic editing, plus soundtrack/music will make it feel professional, on a budget.


      What I need from editing software is: you know those fighting games, on the VS. screen, where there's a "VS." in the middle, and player 1's character slides in on top from left to right, and com/player 2's character slides in from right to left.  And both are in a fighting stance with their names in big letters.  I would like to make that.

      Like this


      Also in Manga/Anime, when two characters sizes up each other, kinda like the top picture, but it frames up just their eyes giving a suspicous look.


      And I need to create something like this:

      Something like this


      Now my quesiton is:

      What's the cheapest software that can do that?  Or at least 2 out of 3.

      Or should I just shell out the $800 to $1000 for an Apple plus Final Cut X cause it will be the standard for a long time.  


      My goal is to produce a 4 part web series, so it has to have a professional feel, (and I understand a "9 to 5 dad" can make a video look amatuer with his high priced equipment, and a crafty art student can make a nice short with just a simple DSLR plus a simple ediitng software)

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      Okay so first question are you on a good editing pc? You mentioned movie maker so that is PC, but you also mentioned final cut which is Mac.


      If you are on a pc I would recommend starting with Sony movie studio you can pick up a copy on amazon for $80 for the latest and greatest, or 40 for the previous version.

      The nice thing with Sony movie studio it is easy enough for beginners but has enough features even pro's can use it for most work. It also teaches you most of what other NLE's will meaning if you decide to upgrade to say adobe someday it will be a simple transition because the workflow will feel almost the same.

      There are also tons of guides and help available if you get stuck.


      Sony movie studio in my opinion should be able to do all of what your asking for just need to know what buttons to press.


      Well hope this helps,


      Justin Reto


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