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      Good afternoon, everyone.
      I’ve been updating my reel in hopes of getting work doing music videos or live events for schools and businesses, so that I can make some extra money and improve enough to eventually have editing or video production be my primary job. I’ve also been keeping an eye out for job postings in my area for second shooters, or positions at companies.

      The majority of my experience is shooting live bands or editing the footage someone else shot, making a sort of promo for different artists. Yesterday my mother pointed out a part of my reel was unprofessional to me: the artist flips off the camera. In the original video for the group, I had used this part to make what I thought was a pretty cool title/color change/intro for the guy, and I was proud enough of it to include it in my reel. I guess I’ve watched it so many times I’m desensitized, and I thought the artistic part outweighed the offensiveness, and it fit the artist for whom I did the original video. My question is, is it too offensive? Do you think potential employers would realize that’s just part of one video I did, or do I come off unprofessional for including it?

      Other parts of my reel were shot on older cameras and not as good of quality. I have recently been updating my equipment, so soon I’ll be redoing most of my reel anyway. Is this one something that is still okay to send out/show off in the meantime, or do I need to reconsider that?

      I know that I am not the most experienced, but I do know that I have potential and want to keep growing. I appreciate any constructive criticism, thanks.

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