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      I have been busting my butt trying to figure out what this technique is called and how to even look it up. Best way I can think of explaining it is to well, dumb it down……

      I’m trying to figure out how I can attach a logo or picture, even text… maybe… To an object or moving character. So that it is perfectly moves with the object that is also moving. I have tried with sony vegas, animating the picture so it moves with the video. For example if any of you have seen runespace maybe… When the people speak in the game their chat follows the top of their head when they move. Something like that but I’m trying to execute this with a person. I want to have letters and small pictures under their chin or over their head.

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      I believe you are referring to motion tracking. Animating an object to track, solve or follow another object within a scene. Adobe After Effects and Hit Films have this feature. Not sure if Sony Vegas has the feature. You can do a fairly decent job manually frame by frame ( rotoscoping) in Vegas if only a short amount of frames. Adjusting the location of the object as the target object moves. Perhaps a Vegas pro here can guide you better.

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      Easiest approach is using After Effects. You simply use motion tracking and place the crosshair on an obvious point (something that has good contrast, or a well defined shape). Motion tracking then tracks the feature throughout the footage. You can then apply the motion data (X, Y movements) to a Null Object. You next link your text or image to the Null Object. Upon playback the text/image will follow the Null Object, which follows the tracking point.
      If you can get your hands on After Effects just give it a go…. it’s actually very easy, plus the motion tracking technique can be used in so many different ways (pixellating faces, adding graphic overlays etc).

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      What you need to do is Motion Graphics, which takes some time to do.

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