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      Hi, I have a silly question, maybe you know better about it.


      I downloaded a tv series with many episodes, but it has a very annoying intro, that I want to delete.

      Is there a way to perform the same editing task (in this case cut the first ten seconds) to many videos at once? What program can do that?


      I'm not really a pro, and so far I everything I tried was pretty unsuccessful:


      – I tried a simple program called "Easy video splitter", just to discover it doesn't deal with mp4…

      – I tried another simple program called "Ultra video splitter", just to discover it's so crappy it doesn't even allow to manually write the cut point (it allows only one), nor does it allows to brows a video frame by frame…

      – I then tried a serious program called "Cyberlink power director", but of course it doesn't handle many videos at once and it actually wants to RECODE the video once edited!


      I'm sure smart people know better.




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      That… sounds like a bit of a loaded question. hah.


      Pro Tip: If "easy video splitter" doesn't play nicely with mp4's, try changing the extension of each video clip to .mov or .m4v and see if it will take them. It's a little trick many people don't know about: http://youtu.be/B8-pCLcw0x8


      Alternatively, you could always download "Mpeg Streamclip" by Squared 5 (Google it). It's free and lets you convert any file format to a workable file type.

      THEN you would import them into "Ultra Video Splitter" and boom… that should do it… maybe.


      Let us know if that works for you. I'm curious.

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