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      Hey guys I had a mouse but it broke in the move it was a Logitech wireless trackball. I am looking for a new mouse it can be wireless, wired, trackball, or laser. Hust wanted to know if you guys have and thoughts. I use the adobe editing suite and am looking for something $50 or less.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Hi jroush


      I use a simple $30 Logitech wireless laser mouse bought at the local store. It works great and is comfortable (important). One thing about mouses is to get them wireless and laser. Trackball mouses are not the best and having a cord can prove quite uncomfortable. 


      When my current mouse dies I will look to buy a Bella HD Mouse 2.0. This type of mouse let's you program macros (basically keyword commands) which can prove incredibly useful when editing video.



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