Editing Live Video in Real Time

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      Hi All,

      Quick question: So i'm wondering if there is a software program out there capable of taking live video in (from, let's say an S-video input), and performing a pretty basic operation (such as flipping an element on a screen, or isolating a portion of the screen in), and outputting it to a monitor in real time.

      Like if I had a split-screen input from a multiplayer video game, and I wanted to isolate a particular portion of it, and flip the left/right view, and output it back in real time.

      Is that something that's feasible with the right software/hardware configuration? (Running windows)


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      Haven't seen software-only that will do it in real time. Normally, one would use a dedicated switcher, which may range from a fairly simple box, to a sophisticaterd multicamera control board, like the NewTek TriCaster.

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