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      This is the first time I am editing a panel discussion highlights on Unconscious Bias. The challenge is the whole panel discussion is filmed with one camera that is doing basically three cameras’ work (such as close up, medium shot and wide shot). Please do share your insight on how to edit the footage and what makes a good panel discussion video?

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      I do need the advice.

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      You don’t say how many on the panel. I would suggest you shoot the panel straight on with a wide shot. Ensure you get plenty of B Roll shots to replace the footage where you zoom in for a panel member close up. B Roll shots could consist of various type audience shots, immediately before the discussion starts, location shots, any room features and maybe use your phone to get some still audience shots or the panel from another angle. If any panel member uses a diagram or a still during the discussion, ensure you get it on video. Good Luck.

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      Rocky M is spot-on regarding shooting a discussion. I probably would never shoot a panel discussion with more than two people with only one camera. I recommend buying a cheap camera for your cover shot — perhaps even a used camera from B&H or some other reliable vendor — and use your primary camera for closeup work. I often shoot lectures with two cameras, one locked down on the PowerPoint screen, the other on the presenter.

      With regard to the footage you already have, there’s not much that can be done in post. You can certainly tighten it up by removing pauses and paper shuffling, but you can’t do much else without altering the content of the discussion.

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