Editing existing online footage.

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      Hi, I’m currently embarking into new territory with editing. I was curious just how I pull existing videos from online to edit them into a piece of my own. They could be clips from movies, news etc. Where do I find them in order to download them for editing purposes of my own? Are their any special sites that I have to go to, or can I simply pull it right from a Youtube video for example?

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      Depending upon which program you surf the net with, look at the addons available for that piece of software. See if a Youtube download addon is available for your web browser.

      I use Firefox, and it does have a Youtube download addon available, every video I watch on Youtube has a download button below the video.

      If you do download a Youtube video, make sure you follow the current laws for using other folks content – https://www.videomaker.com/search/google/using%20other%20people%20content?query=using%20other%20people%20content&cx=016301996033947342722%3A-xsmlwign8w&cof=FORID%3A11&sitesearch=

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