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      Hi All, 

      I am not sure if this question has been asked number of times in this forum. If it has been, please re-direct me. If not, this is the query…

      I am workin on a film which has been shot on Arricam LT Super 35 camera. The processing lab has sent Telecine tapes which are in DV 25 PAL format. Its now been captured into premiere as 720*480 25fps footage.

      My doubt is,

      a. should I conform it to 24fps and then start the edit or keep it at 25fps

      b. If I conform it, with the pull down method, I will be losing a frame every second. Will this not affect the timecode and subsequently the EDL which I have to send to the Lab. 

      How does this process really work as I am fluent in editing films shot on Digital but new to TC edit.

      Thanks in advance, 


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