Edited sequences to DVD in Premiere/Encore CS3? Do I need After Effects also?

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      I have a home movie edited into three sequences in Premiere Pro CS3 and am wondering what to do with it next.


      I want each sequence to be a chapter so once I burn the DVD it can either be watched straight through or the viewer can pick a chapter. I might divide the sequences further into chapters, I dunno.  I also want a DVD menu.


      But what's my workflow for finishing the project?  I have the Adobe CS3 Master Collection to work with.


      I have some vague idea about using Encore pts to create chapters but haven't done it before and don't know where to learn it, and I'm guessing After Effects could be used for a menu? Or could I make a menu in Encore?  I've never opened Encore before and only cracked After Effects once.


      How do I proceed and can you recommend any resources to learn how to finish my project?


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      Well that's a complicated question. ENCORE is not exactly a drag and drop wizard type program.

      There are a number of premade menus though so you can begin with selecting one of those that has three or more menu items. Most of the premade menus have menus and optional sub menus.


      To start using encore do this. Start ENCORE and save your project somewhere you can find it. Import your PPRo sequenses into ENCORE – dynamic link makes that possible w/o rendering.

      In ENCORE, in the Time Line tab, creat a new timeline.


      Get a re writable DVD to play with. If you did the above and then dragged the three sequences into the timeline in the order you want them to play, you could burn a DVD just like that and it should work. Adding menus and submenus defies easy explantion here but essentially you add the menus by double clicking on them, they are added as an asset and then you assign the menu buttons to the sequences. Better watch a tutorial or two. I have used ENCORE CS3 and now 5 since it came out and find the flexibility great – but with increased flibility comes increased responsibility for you. If it continues to challenge you there are a number of inexpensive DVD maker programs out there that you can wizard your way through.

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      You may be confused by Encore, at first.  I advise a lot of patience. 


      Since you already own Encore, this is the best program to have πŸ˜‰  I would also recommend visiting Adobe's Encore Forum as well.  There are helpful individuals who can sort out many common questions…if you can't find them from past questions:  http://forums.adobe.com/community/encore

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