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I have some dvds I made form old full size vhs tapes. I used one of those all in one units. Now I have some dvds that I'd like to extract small clips and send them to people who would be interested. I don't think friends would enjoy an hour and half of my home videos, to see the 2 minutes that they would find interesting.

So, on to the real question, what is the quickest, easiest way to extract a small clip from my home made dvds, (.vob files)?

Thanks in advance.

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That should work. you can change .vob to .mpg for your NLE if you have to.

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You need a good Video Converter Program that can convert that .VOB file to something a Non Linear Video Editing Program can use.  I have Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia Cinnamon running on this computer, which I call My Video Editing Beast.  I use Kdenlive to Edit the Videos i shoot with My MiniDV tape Cameras and I also edit Videos for other people who need Video Editing done. 

Now the good part of this that Kdenlive can also be used on a Windows computer, if that is what you have.


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I do what Bruce said - import the .vobs, change them to .mpg and use them - it's the same data in a different wrapper. Premiere certainly is happy with this.