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      hi to all,

      i have to edit a number of old videos for a local charity club and please i wish to have your advice and/or your comments if my approach is right

      please, let me first tell you that my primary job is a sound enginner but i have some experience with video edits and rendering since i create music (electronic) for short movies and documentaries

      i have sony vegas 5 and dvd architect 4

      some of those videos are uploaded on yutube while many others are on vhs cassettes (pal)

      first of all i have to download from youtube the videos as avi at the max allowed quality

      color correction – primary
      rgb to studio monitor
      brightness and contrast adjust if necessary
      sound – noise gate and compressing
      max sound level between -6 to -2.5 db’s (dbsf) scale
      rendering to mpg2 with max bit rate 4750 kbps with acc3 stereo sound

      many thanks in advance

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      I suspect you won’t want to compress them at all – because the old VHS machines had pretty savage agc on the recorders, so squashing it a bit more might make it worse. Expect to have to do so cropping and stretching as so many old VHS tapes have the picture disturbance at the bottom where the head switching timing is a bit off – and a slight zoom in might be needed. If they need to look the same, then it will be a bit of tweaking and adjustment, with some sound level adjustments between clips if recorded on different machines. One thing that might throw you is if the replay VHS has FM sound and some of the tapes are older and have longitudinal sound tracks – which are much worse quality wise with a quite low top limit and often plenty of wow and flutter. I’ve never had much luck cleaning those up at all.

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      We do a great deal of work with VHS tapes. I have found that working with “levels” and “color curves” provides much greater control than working with primary color correction and brightness/contrast. It’s not uncommon for old VHS tapes to have either a red or blue cast; color curves does a great job of adjusting these tints.

      You might try working like this: ingest the VHS material. Use the Black & White FX to take out all the color and adjust brightness with the “levels” FX in black and white. Then restore color and adjust color with the color curves FX.

      Since the image quality of old VHS is pretty poor you might consider cropping by using a black bar at top and bottom, rather than zooming in on the image. If you feel you must zoom in, try using the “Sharpen” FX after the zoom and see if that helps restore definition to the image.

      Perhaps most importantly, be sure your client understands that the old computer axiom applies to both computing and working with old video formats: Garbage in, garbage out. Putting lipstick on a pig won’t gussy it up much and no amount of tinkering will make old VHS tapes look like today’s HD images.

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      good afternoon to all,

      many thanks for the replies

      i will try to follow your Instructions hoping for the best

      those people are actually friends and certainly they are fully understand that is impossible for their videos to look crystal clear even after edit

      may i ask please why i have to take off the color first and then adjust brightness

      many thanks again for your kind assistance

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      good afternoon to all,

      dear jack i thank you very much for your kind reply

      i will try your technique

      i thank you once again very much

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      In my experience, you get a better assessment of highlights and shadow in black and white than you will in color. The “Levels” FX allows you to set the upper and lower limits of your image but has no effect on the mid-range, which the color curves FX will enable you to adjust.

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