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      I recently recorded some video of a concert using my iphone 6. I am an amateur and made a mistake. After about 15 seconds of framing the video in Portrait, I switched to Landscape and liked that view better and continued with it. I do not plan to do extensive video editing but wondered in any free or reasonable software would allow me to switch the entire video to Landscape? Thanks for any help.

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      Almost any NLE should allow you to rotate your image 90 degrees — i.e., portrait to landscape. The problem, of course, will be that once rotated there will be significant areas of black on either side of the image. You can force the rotated image to a 16:9 format but you’ll lose quite a bit of the image; with some material this may not matter. Another option, which we’re seeing more and more of, is to put either a soft focus image or pattern behind the rotated image, creating a kind of frame around it.

      Finally, iPhone image quality is very good; you could rotate the image, force it to a 16:9 format, then pan slowly across from one side to the other a la Ken Burns to reveal everything on the shot.

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      You would need to transfer the Video you took with your Apple phone and transfer it to a Video Editing Computer running a good Video Editing Program, Not Imovie on the MAC or Windows Movie Maker on a PC, you need something akin to Sony Vegas Pro 10 or above or the high end MAC Video Editing Program FCP to do what needs to be done here

Viewing 2 reply threads
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