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      I’m looking to make videos like this one, with moving png’s and vector elements that can be manipulated.

      Here is an example of the style I like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLKTkC6TpF4 I like that in this video the characters are transparent png’s that can be moved around, same with other elements and the text.

      You’ve heard this hundreds of time, but I don’t have 700 dollars to pay for software. I’d screenshot my bank account but it’s easier to say I’m broke.

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      I first learnt how to edit on iMovie, but I dont know if you have a mac or not, you could probably download it. maybe. its a realy simple and easy to use software

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      The editing part of the example video you posted can be done with something as cheap as Vegas Movie Studio ($50). The problem is the other compositing software that was used to do some of the titling and other special effects. My guess is Adobe After Effects (subscription only) at a minimum. Other software may have been used as well.


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      I use pc

      is there a demo of VMS i could test before buying? Just want to be sure I actually like it before I buy a program I never use again. Plus in canadian itd be like 75 dollars.

      Would vegas be able to do the panning and sliding of transparent PNG’s? like having a static background and have a character or drawing move overtop it?

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      Yes there is. Go to http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/homestudio and download the free 30 day trial.
      There are 3 different Movie Studio versions but the cheapest one will do what you want.
      You might be able to get it cheaper on sites such as Amazon so be sure to check there if you do want to buy it.
      You can easily do all the effects that you mentioned. Vegas was one of the first to offer these features and it keeps getting better over time.
      There are training tutorials on the Sony site as well as all over YouTube to help you get going.
      Good luck!!


Viewing 4 reply threads
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